Scientifically effective, skills and behavioral assessments enable clients to recognize their strengths and natural preferences which is essential to finding meaningful and fulfilling work.  Richard is an expert in implementing the following career awareness and professional development tools.  

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    Uncover sources of energy and learn how to process information and use it toward decision-making. Discover how one's personality type also influences lifestyle with specific insights on how one experiences stress and stressful situations.
  • Life Orientations (LIFO®)
    The Life Orientations unique approach identifies each person's strengths and maximizes potential by encouraging  use of underutilized talents.  Improves collaboration for better teamwork.
  • Career Portrait®
    Develop a work-life profile to gain a better understanding of career decisions, discover development needs, find clarity about skills and interests to maximize performance and connect with the most satisfying options and careers.
  • Activate a Self Awareness Process (ASAP)
    For individuals or groups in transition following job loss, this assessment identifies one's preferences for six critical job seeking behaviors and can tap into hidden resources to manage job transitions more effectively and find a fulfilling job sooner.
  • Career Situation Analysis (Mind Map)
    Visually and textually organize ideas, projects, thoughts and tasks in a way that gives structure, links related concepts and enables one to clarify and achieve career goals.