As a one-time PhD candidate, turned professor and career specialist, Richard can relate to the student on every level.  With an approachable manner and a wealth of knowledge, he has a special affinity for guiding students through their academic journey and onward to a fulfilling and well-suited career.

  • College to Career - Counsels college students trying to 'find their way' with a marketable degree as well as graduates moving into the marketplace for the first time. His Launch Package includes resume, cover letters and related marketing materials (your brand) grounded in the outcomes from the assessments completed.
  • Doctoral Mentor - Advises graduate, PhD/DBA students that need guidance in defining their topic and methodologies. Helps develop the researcher’s mind while addressing the emotional, social and financial obstacles related to pursuing an advanced degree.
  • Adjunct Instructor - Serves at the undergraduate, graduate, and PhD/DBA level. Offers course design/redesign utilizing Onground, Hybrid and online formats.