Richard A. Montanaro, PhD

           Richard A. Montanaro, PhD

Richard's lifelong interest in education and career transition counseling began as a high school senior in an honors program dedicated to counseling incoming freshman. That experience sparked his passion in the field and led him on an academic endeavor to research and understand the transition process of adults experiencing a career change - as well as students first embarking upon a career or education path. 

He holds a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems from the Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA (NYC), dedicating his dissertation research to the individual experiencing a career transition.

His work experience spans over twenty-five years with leadership positions in Fortune 500 organizations, in human resources and individual learning and organization development functions. His vast background combined with an understanding of the human experience, has made Richard a sought after leader in the field, helping hundreds of local, national and global organizations and individuals transition smoothly and find their ideal path to success.

He is a highly regarded author his with articles published in the Journal of Applied Learning Technology, HR Training & Technology, and the The CEO Refresher. As an Adjunct Professor at Manhattanville College, and Capella University, Richard teaches a number of courses at the undergraduate, graduate and PhD/DBA level, in addition to Career and Life/Work Planning.  

In his most recent role, he lead the Career and Self Awareness Program at Post University, helping students define and build their personal and professional brands as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Richard is survivor of major neurosurgery surgery to which he credits his unique and empathetic approach to coaching, “Once you see your soul, you are never the same person again. The 'sixth sense' you develop, your appreciation for life, and all it presents you, makes for a stronger, more determined self. I am better professional for having experienced this medical ordeal.”

He is an active outdoorsman and an accomplished leather craftsman and lives in Easton, CT with his family.